About Us

Nice to meet you and welcome to Solful Life!

Solful Life's humble beginnings started in the bedroom of Amber, our founder, in 2021. After moving to a completely new place away from all of her existing friends and family, she found comfort in her ability to create a beautiful and intentional space that was all her own. Solful Life was born from that feeling of happiness and empowerment from creating a unique space.

Our name was inspired by the Nordic sun goddess "Sol" and by our mission of spreading light, love, and soulfulness to the homes and spaces of our amazing customers. 

Here at Solful Life, we believe in the constant recreation of one's space. Any space, especially your home, is a source of inspiration and an expression of your creativity and what is beautiful to you.

Inspired by a combination of Nordic/Scandinavian and Bohemian design styles, we've mindfully curated several collections of high-quality goods that will help to add depth, color, light, and feeling to your space.

Thanks for visiting!